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Have unusual Centerpieces and Party Favors

  1. Big candles with shells, fruit, or rocks on the table
  2. Have hurricane lamps filled with candles, sand, and shell
  3. Use autumn leaves in a tall vase, or maple tree branches, with acorns and pine cones spread on the table
  4. Have a table scape of baskets of fruits, vegetables, and breadsticks
  5. Have local jams and jellies, with salt water taffy on the table.  When the party’s over, the guests can take the centerpiece as their party favor
  6. Maine made pottery serves a dual purpose
  7. Alison Evans Ceramics
  8. Have a bunch of live young evergreen saplings, which your guests can take home and plant
  9. Give your guests packets of vegetable or flower seeds, or even some flower bulbs- crocus , amaryllis, or daffodils
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